Breakfast Club and After-School Care

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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is available at school 5 days per week from 7.55am until the start of the school day 8.55am. Children must be dropped off via the side entrance, an adult should remain with them until a member of staff assumes responsibility when the club opens. The club offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, where children can enjoy a good, healthy breakfast with friends and have a positive and un-rushed start to their day. Places are limited and must be booked in advance should parents wish their child to benefit from this provision. Please speak to a member of staff in the school office who will pass on your request to Miss Hills. Once a place has been allocated we ask that you speak to Miss Hills directly with regard to any special dietary requirements or other needs your child may have. There is a charge of £3.00 per session which is payable for all booked days, regardless of whether your child attends; booked places cannot be offered to other children. You will appreciate that this represents very good value for money in terms of both the breakfast provided and quality of care given. The menu always includes a choice of cereal, with toast with various spreads, fromage frais and often special treats, such as pancakes. Once they have finished their breakfast, children play board or other games and spend a little time with their friends before they go to class. At 8.55 am your child is taken to their respective class. If you are interested in a place at Breakfast Club please contact the school office.

After School Care

After School Care runs from 3.15 – 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 3.15pm – 5.15pm Friday. The children have a snack, usually fruit, straight after school. Sessions costs are as follows: Collection by 4.15pm via the side entrance – £4.00 Collection between 4.15pm and 5.15pm via the side entrance – £8.00 Collection between 5.15pm and 6.00pm via the side entrance – £10.00 They are given a light tea at approximately 4.40pm. Please contact the school office for further information.