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Children are at the heart of our school community. As a school we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children and the School Council is one way of ensuring the voice of the children is heard and has an impact on the development of the school.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives from across the school are elected by their classes at the start of term 1. These children then have an extremely important job to do:

They are responsible for the ongoing process of collecting the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the children in their class and reporting back to the Council.
They bring new ideas forward for how we can improve our school and local environment. They sometimes come to the meetings with ideas of fund raising for the school and for other local or national charities.
Once they have identified a priority, they lead the initiative to enhance what we do as a school. For example, the School Council is currently interested in further promoting reading.

Children’s Survey

The School Council create an annual survey for their peers which enables them to collect views about certain aspects of the school. The responses to the survey help them to identify what they want to focus on as their project for a term, or longer. They create an action plan to help them to plan their work and decide exactly what they want or need to do to achieve their goal for their term of office.

Recent Success

The School Council also played a key role in developing playtimes, considering our use of play space and improving playtime equipment. As a result of these suggestions, school playtimes and lunchtimes will be looking at being reorganised.

Other successful initiatives have included supporting the Demelza charity, and raising money for Children In Need.

We look forward to another exciting and successful year with the ideas and suggestions from our councillors as they continue to support improvements in our school.