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Our learning environment is positive, rich and challenging to stimulate all children. English and Maths skills are taught daily. We also provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. Subjects taught in the school include Science, RE, Computing, PE, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education, Art and Design and Modern Foreign Languages, predominantly Spanish. Where possible learning is approached through cross curricular themes.

We encourage creative thinking across the curriculum. In recent years, a great deal has been discovered about how we learn, not least in the developing knowledge of how our brain works. We recognise learning styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, and ensure that lessons are planned and delivered in a way to actively engage all learners. It is important that we develop children’s understanding of how they learn best, as well as continuing to encourage self-motivation, high self-esteem and personal responsibility for, and interest in, learning.

The links at the bottom of this page detail the curriculum for each year group.

Year Groups

Each class is in the care of a class teacher with whom they will learn for much of the school day. Some teaching during the week will take place with other members of staff, for example when the class teacher is released to undertake planning, preparation or assessments (PPA) Mrs West teaches Art and Design. Mrs Taylor and Mrs Calzada  teach Spanish across the school. We aim to ensure continuity in learning through shared planning and by providing cover using staff who the children know the majority of cover is provided by Mrs Clinch.

Within each class, or year group, children are grouped in order to best meet their learning needs. There is a mix of ability and non-ability grouping depending on the lesson activity.

We are fortunate in our team of staff who offer a range of expertise and enthusiasms. Children benefit from these skills as they move through the school. When we offer children a place at Ethelbert Road Primary School we give no guarantees regarding which teachers will teach which age group, or when. It is normal for there to be some changes in staff placement each year to ensure that our team remain professionally challenged and invigorated to provide quality teaching.


Foundation stage – Michael Rosen Class 

Teachers – Mrs Stembridge and Miss Nutt
Foundation stage LSAs – Mrs Bushell and Mrs Taylor

Year 1 – Purple Class

Teacher – Mr Jones and Mrs Clinch
Year 1 LSAs –  Miss Clegg and Mrs Edwards

Year 2 – Yellow Class

Teacher – Miss Smith
Year 2 LSAs – Ms Snelling

Year 3 – Blue Class

Teacher – Mrs Ansell
Year 3 LSAs – Mrs West and Mrs Casey

Year 4  –  Red Class

Teacher – Mr Adkins
Year 4  LSA’s – Mrs Willis and Mrs Steer

Year 5  – Green Class

Teachers –  Miss Bedwin
Year 5 LSAs – Mrs Bell and Mrs Skinner

Year 6  – Onyx Class

Teachers –  Mrs Calzada and Mrs Taylor
Year 6 LSA – Mrs Nock

School Curriculum

The content of the curriculum we follow in each academic year for each subject is listed below. If you require any additional information about our school curriculum please contact Miss Hills at the school office.

Foundation stage – Michael Rosen Class

Year 1 – Purple Class

Year 2 – Yellow Class

Year 3 – Blue Class

Year 4 – Red Class

Year 5 Green Class

Year 6 – Onyx Class

How we teach reading at Ethelbert Road

The document above explains how we develop the children’s reading skills. We use a range of reading schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins, Rigby Star and Osbourne Books. If you require any support with your child’s reading please see Mrs Seymour.

If you wish to read more about how we develop the children’s reading skills, you can download this document.